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380 Construction Brings Jobs for Teens

Story by Hope Monte

Construction along Highway 380 in McKinney brings economic growth to the city, and also the chance for teens to earn money. Many places along the busy highway are hiring. Students could have jobs before many retail and restaurant sites even open for business.

The construction off Highway 380 bringing new businesses to McKinney is also bringing new jobs for many Boyd teens.

Some of the businesses include a new Cinemark theater, restaurants, retail stores, and the largest Kroger in Texas.

“New places of work can help students find a job and be able to earn money for themselves,” sophomore Landry Worsham said.

With students looking for new jobs and more opportunities opening up for them, there are many things students can do to help improve their chances of getting a job they want.

“Availability and communication is a big thing. It also helps a lot if you follow up by calling us after submitting your application to let us know you’re interested. That really makes you stand out,” a Smoothie King employee said.

Getting your first job or having a job at all in high school isn’t always easy so there are many things to consider before making a commitment to a job.

“Find a place that’s flexible with your hours,” Gabby Trevino said. She works at the new Dilla’s off 380.

It is clear that this construction can affect many aspects of daily life other than just where your workplace is. Commutes to and from places may see more traffic as 380 is already a very busy road and will only get busier as the construction is wrapped up.

“I expect (380) to get a lot more travel flow through here which is definitely going to help out businesses that will lead to more jobs,” an employee at the new Smoothie King on 380 said.

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