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Four-Day School Weeks Cut Costs, Attract Employees in Texas, Colorado

Story by Kaylee Rucker

Out of the 50 states, 25 of them have at least one school district that has four-day school weeks.

Closest to home, Athens ISD recently voted to start a four-day school week for the 2019-2020 school year. They plan to only have school/work Monday-Thursday. The school year starts August 5, 2019 and ends May 28, 2020.

The Texas requirement for time in school changed from days to minutes, which means students should be at school about 75,600 minutes a year. Athens ISD will add 50 minutes to their school days to meet the standards. According to the website “EastTexasMatters.com”, they plan to do this for three years as a pilot program. Their goal for this is to improve student’s academic performances.

However, the first district to implement the four-day school week is a small school district near San Angelo, Olfen ISD. They go to school Monday-Thursday and it began in 2016. They made Friday an optional day, while adding 25 minutes to each day of instruction.

According to the website “Coloradoan.com”, more than half of Colorado school districts switched to a four-day school week to save money. The school week runs from Tuesday-Friday. About 74% of the 61 districts go by the new schedule. Their hopes are to save on transportation costs, salaries for teachers, and utilities. The new schedule saved them $1 million. In addition to the cost savings, the districts attracted more workers for open positions.

At McKinney Boyd, staff and students have mixed feelings about the four-day week schedule.

“I would like it just because I would love having a three-day weekend every week. But I think it would be harder on the students and the staff because it would be longer days or they would have to cut out some of the holidays and I think everyone needs a break,” assistant principal’s secretary Robin Manson said.

Some students would also rather have four-day school weeks to decrease the amount of stress.

“The pros of a four day school week would be less stress and more sleep, but the cons would be longer school days,” sophomore Candace Carey. said.

“I would be all for four-day work week. I think it would be beneficial to students as a young person to have that time to recover and recoup, but for me as an employee I don’t see much of a transition or hard change in that direction,” health services teacher Robin Herrington said.

Mckinney ISD remains a five-day school week and any changes to the district would be at the discretion of the school board and administration. For more information on MISD’s 2019-2020 school year, refer to the calendar on the MISD website:


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