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Are we There Yet? The Countdown to Summer Begins

Story by Hope Monte | News Editor

As the school year reaches the last quarter and is slowly coming to an end, many students become anxious for summer to begin and some develop a condition many of us call “spring fever.” Since spring fever is a result of students being ready for school to be over, there are many ways it could affect students life when it comes to learning and behavior.

One effect of spring fever includes students grades start dropping in the last couple months of the school year.

“[Students grades might decline] because they don’t care anymore and they’re looking forward to summer so they don’t put as much effort in,” sophomore Izzy Licarde said.

Once a students grades starts to drop sometimes it can be hard to bring them back up.

“I’m failing classes and I don’t feel like fixing it because I don’t want to come to school,” freshman Abbey Celeste said.

Spring fever is even bringing students’ attendances down as more people start to show up less towards the end of the school year.

“Everybody’s getting antsy, everybody can’t wait til they’re off of school, getting senioritis, even we have it – were just getting antsy for the summer to come, kids might take off a little more [from school] now,” secretary Ms. Bolsinger said.

Although spring fever can hurt students’ performances, there are ways that people can fight spring fever and finish the school year strong.

“[Students can fight spring fever by] prioritizing their time and being organized,” Licarde said.

Sometimes all a student needs is a little motivation to get out of bed to go to school.

“They can encourage themselves for going to school to see their friends,” Celeste said.

Although the end of the school year can get rough and many students are affected by spring fever, there are ways to finish the year strong and get to a well deserved summer break.

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