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Ask AC: How Long Is the Wait Gonna Be?

DMV lines, wait times double expected length

Story by AC Drennan | Social Media Editor & Reporter

Driving, a right of passage. So many teens just can’t wait to get their licenses, but then comes the part no one actually enjoys; the DMV.

The DMV has a reputation for having an incredibly long wait, but why? What makes the wait so long?

Everyone has to go to the DMV to get a permit or get a new or renew your driver's license.

There are only two DMV’s in Collin County for 970,000 people, and only eight in DFW, which has over 1.3 million people. McKinney has one main office, and the next closest one is in Plano. But people are willing to go as far as it takes to make the process of getting a license or renewing one as quickly as possible.

There are state guidelines for how long the wait should be: for a renewal 30 minutes, and for a new license 45. The average of both for DMVs in McKinney is about one hour and one minute, and the quickest in all of North Texas is Paris, Texas, only taking an average of 19 minutes.

“I think the best way to make [DMV times] quicker would be more [DMVs]-McKinney has one, but it would be smart to have more, or ones that are more specific, like one specifically for renewals and one specifically for new licenses,” sophomore Ainsley MacDonald said.

The most important thing is to try and make the process quicker and the wait shorter. What can also be frustrating for many is going to the DMV and out of six lines, only two may be open.

“I’m planning on going down to Bonham for my renewal, just to avoid the wait. I’d rather sit in the car for an hour than the DMV,” junior Chad Brown said.

People are willing to drive long distances or wake up early in the morning to get there when there are fewer people. There is now a way to, ‘Get Inline, Online’ by going on to the DMV of choice’s website and set up appointments and get in line before even getting there.

Nobody likes the DMV, even though most people are so excited to get their licenses. The boring, slow aspect of the DMV tends to make people cranky and want to do anything but go there.

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