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AirPods2, with an emphasis on fitness, debut this year

Story By Hope Monte | News Editor

Wireless Apple AirPods have been the most recent technology status symbol. Just as the excitement for the wireless headphones starts to die down, rumors for a second version are grabbing people’s attention.

There is a large controversy on whether or not the current AirPods are a purchase worth making, and there is a fair share of people on both sides.

“They’re good because with [the other] headphones they always break or I always lose those headphones, so I can keep track of my AirPods,” sophomore Brooke Morales said.

“If you have the money to buy them, I think they’re a good purchase but it’s not something I would necessarily save up for over an elongated period of time,” junior Ethan Weldon said.

Although many people have a positive outlook on the wireless headphones, others are not as crazy about them.

“They’re a terrible purchase because I don’t want to spend $200 on something I can lose easily and that doesn’t even have that good of sound quality,” sophomore Kyle DeLozier said.

Recent rumors expect a second edition of AirPods to be released. According to techradar.com, they are predicted to drop sometime in 2019. It is not positive what new features might be added but people have made their own predictions.

“[I’d expect] unnecessary things that don’t need to be added,” junior Ryan Legumes said.

“Stuff that’s not essential for AirPods – different colors, louder, waterproof I guess,” Morales also said.

There are many possibilities of what the new AirPods will bring, but according to MacRumors one of the biggest rumors includes the AirPods possibly having a health feature.

“It wouldn’t interest me but I know it’d interest a bunch of people, like people would get [them] because of that,” Morales said.

“I’m not sure how that would actually work its way into the AirPods themselves but maybe it would be a good edition,” Weldon also said.

No matter what the new features will be or when they will released, it is unsure how people might react considering the rise of the current AirPods still seems very recent.

“They were really well received, the first ones, so I think a lot of people would see it as worth it to get new ones,” Weldon also said.

After speculating many things about the new AirPods, people continue to wait for Apple to make a release.

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