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Does the STAAR Really Make You Shine?

Story by Hope Monte | News Editor

Ever since STAAR testing was introduced in the 2011-2012 school year, students, teachers, and parents have had complaints and concerns. Many people wonder why students are being required to take the tests and if it is possible to get rid of them.

STAAR tests are lengthy, and cover a whole year of learning during a four hour period. Many students do not like taking the test and some do not understand why they even have to take the test.

The STAAR test is used to track students knowledge of the subjects they’re learning, but it could be affecting their learning in a negative way.

“Students try to prepare for the STAAR test and then once STAAR testing is over it seems like people don’t try anymore,” freshman Gigi Miller said.

“When I look at my kids and their anxiety and how nervous they get with the STAAR test, I think it puts too much pressure on them and not in a good way,” English one teacher Coach Wardach said.

According to an article on “The Sting”, high school students have to pass three out of five of their high school STAAR tests in order to graduate.

“[Students] can work all year doing their work and turning in stuff, then if they just mess up on the STAAR test it’s not fair if they can’t graduate,” Miller said.

Although there are some negative points and opinions, one of the goals of STAAR testing is that it can be beneficial for schools.

“One of the positives of it is that it allows schools to measure their progress, – and how we compare to other schools in the state and other schools in the country,” test coordinator Ms. Leaver said.

Although the goal of this test comes from a positive idea, the execution of it seems to be questionable.

“When I look at these questions and quality of some of the essay prompts I don’t know if this actual standardized test is the greatest. I think people are getting rid of it because it is not an accurate measure of what a kid has learned that year,” Wardach said.

Even if there are some struggles with the test, students are still required to take and pass the STAAR test. Make sure to prepare for English one STAAR testing on April 9 and English two testing on April 11.

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