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McKinney Boyd's Longtime Football Coach Says Goodbye

Story by Kyle Keegan

Football is a way of life for many students at McKinney Boyd. Friday night lights bring the community together and for the past 13 years, Coach Don Drake led the Broncos to the field. However, after another rough season and the Broncos first loss to High, Drake resigned his position. This left an emptiness in the hearts of his players and an opening for the Athletic Coordinator and Head Coach.

Over the years, football and Drake brought the school a sense of pride that allowed the students to become a family rather than just peers.

“I may be in the stands, but I have a ton of friends that are out on the field and I've seen his ability to bring them together so he has definitely earned my respect,” junior Parker Zarbaugh said. Coach Drake was able to bring the whole school together in a way that no one else could.

Drake created a sense pride for the school, and he had a lasting impact on the players. He gave them a chance to really prove themselves on the field and that is evident through the many great players to come out of Boyd and play at the next level.

“Coach Drake was very passionate before, during, and after every game. He really did love coaching and he loved us as a team,” varsity football player junior Tim Longoria said.

And that's really what high school football is about. And even though winning is important, having a family-like group that you will be able to remember forever is something high school students should have.

Drake created that doing what he loved, coaching his players and having a good time.

Photo Credit: @MBHSFootball

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