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Everything is "Buc-ee's" in Texas

Story by Hope Monte | News Editor

Texas road trips wouldn’t be complete without a stop at Buc-ee’s, but now Dallas-Ft.Worth residents can make frequent visits to a more local Buc-ee’s. The new Melissa Buc-ee’s is opening on Monday, April 29, 2019 at 1550 Central Expressway.

Buc-ee’s locations attract large numbers of people every day and pull people in with their trademark Buc-ee’s gear, snacks, drinks, their own homemade fudge, and so much more.

“They have everything there and when going on a road trip it is always a good place to stop at,” freshman Hannah Munoz said.

“I like their fudge, we go there for the fudge,” sophomore Morgan Westbury said.

With a Buc-ee’s opening so close to home, it could have many effects on our own community including opening up new jobs, and creating a new place that people in our community and from other places will stop at every day.

“There’s gonna be a lot more people traveling through here,” junior Hannah Schmidt said.

Along with the Buc-ee’s opening up in Melissa, a new location is also being planned to open in Ennis, Texas, sometime in 2020.

With the increasing amount of stores opening Buc-ee’s continues to embody that “everything is bigger in Texas” but some people might wonder if Buc-ee’s will ever move farther then it’s home state.

“When people come to texas they always want to visit bucees, because it’s a very popular store in Texas – it’s a great store so I think it could spread very far,” Munoz said.

Wherever Buc-ee’s moves next, right now people can get excited for the new location right here in Melissa with the grand opening on Monday, April 29, 2019.

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