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By Felipe Sanchez

Resident Evil 2 Remake (January 25)

The remaster from the original Resident Evil that came out January 21, 1998.

The story will take place after Resident Evil and follow two characters:

Leon Kennedy, a rookie cop that just started, and Claire Redfield, sister to

Chris Redfield from the original game. It will take place in Racoon City after a

Zombie outbreak happens without warning. The whole city goes into chaos and

now your character will try to survive the horror by playing the game through

Leon and Claire’s stories. With new high tech graphics, a great close

quarter action-packed story, and some great horror that will follow the tradition of the Resident Evil games.

Kingdom Hearts 3 (January 29)

The long anticipated game has been in development for six years, but fans

have been waiting for 14 years for the release of the final arch that was

released at the end of January. The game will star Sora, the main hero of the story

since the first game, as well as Donald Duck, Goofy, and Mickey Mouse from

Disney. The game will have many Disney worlds for you to explore with Final

Fantasy Characters to help through the battles. It will be an action-adventure

game that will hold you in your room for more than 50 hours of playtime. It’s a

game you don’t want to miss.

Crackdown 3 (February 15)

The Crackdown 3 release has been delayed many times and will finally be

released for Xbox One and the PC. The star of the game is Terry Crews.

Terry Crews really wanted to be in the game so the developers agreed and made him an agent that's able to blow everything up or just punch everything for fun. What happens when you have the weapons and power to do what you want in a world with many buildings? The answer would be to team up with others in a player vs. player scenario, go into a great campaign including co-op for a four player experience, or just go solo to enjoy the campaign. Crackdown 3 will be an excellent game for those who will want to mess around but still be attached to the action from the game.

Jump Force (February 15)

If you're into anime and have a passion for brawlers, then Jump Force will be a

great game for you. It will include many manga and anime characters from

different stories, worlds, and universes. Get prepared with a three vs. three

fight where the characters all share one health bar in a third person setting. Be

ready to fight against a diverse mix of heros and villians. With the game being

close to it’s release date, the developer’s are still revealing characters. They

will most likely release more characters in the future for a bigger roster to have

even more of a challenge with the game.

Metro Exodus (February 15)

Metro Exodus is a first person post-apocalyptic game set in a wasteland of Russia.

Fight against monsters and humans alike to survive in the wasteland. As this is its

series finale, your character will go to the outside world, leaving the underground subways from past games. Be prepared to leave the comfort of the subway, explore the wasteland, and survive from what will come.

Anthem (February 22)

The biggest game being released in February since E3 2017-Anthem. It will

be a multiplayer action role-playing game with a majority of it being

multiplayer. Your character joins a squad to go on adventures and fight the

biggest and toughest monsters in many different areas of the map exploring the

secrets of the world. Another option is going on player vs. player matches with

the items you acquire from playing the game. The hope for many people is that

Anthem doesn’t become like Destiny, creating a disappointed or mad fan base

because of what the developers are trying to achieve. With the many similarities

to Destiny, it will hopefully prove its fans wrong and be an exciting game.

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