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Game Changers March 1st Edition

Bringing you the latest updates on your favorite games

By Felipe Sanchez

Devil May Cry 5 - March 8

The long anticipated release of Devil May Cry 5 is just around the corner with the returning characters Nero and Dante. There is also as a new character known as V, who will be in the new story of Devil May Cry. After 11 years since the last release, we will be back in action with the stylish combos new moves from Nero and Dante. There are also as new weapons for the characters such as a robotic hand for Nero which can grab enemies from afar, slow down time, or shoot a giant laser. Dante will come back with the original sword of his rebellion but will be followed with the returning balrog, the fire gauntlets, as well as the Cerberus - the nunchucks transformation weapon which both came from Devil May Cry 3. Finally the new weapon from Dante is the Cavaliere, a motorcycle being able to split into two to deal some amazing combos. The final character is V. Being a completely different character from Nero and Dante, V focuses on “calls and spells” focusing on long range combat while being able to summon a crow, leopard, and a golem. A completely different and unique playstyle for Devil May Cry 5.

While the story still is unknown many have speculated the return and revenge of Vergil brother to Dante, who has failed to obtain the ultimate power of Sparda of his late father. Having failed, Vergil was turned into Nelo Angelo from the original Devil May Cry and has been defeated by from Dante. The return of Vergil is the best speculation many have came up with from the trailers. It is one of the most anticipated games of March.

Fate/Extella Link - March 12

Fate/Extella Link is a game that makes you conquer the battlefield and fight against thousands of robotic enemies. Some of the enemies are unique heroes that are actually historical figures and heroes from stories and poetry. The game will include the original 16 characters from Fate/Extella in addition to 10 new characters including Robin Hood, Francis Drake, and Lancelot.

The story will take place right after the first game but will include new things such as a free roam and a more in-depth bond level system. The most important things are the new and returning world maps. The maps are all different and have their own color patterns which makes them very unique and pretty. The game will also include a multiplayer, something that has never done before. It will be insane because it’s going to be a 5 VS 5 “king of the hill” style gameplay including the enemies from the story jumping in to make the game much more intense.

Fate/Extella Link will be a game that will last hours and wallet friendly at $50.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 - March 15

The Division first started in New York City after shoppers started getting sick from a virus spread after Black Friday, which also affected other states. The cause of chaos moved us all the way into Washington D.C. where the law is failing and a rumor of a coup is happening. You play as one of the many Division agents going to be called in for the support and the task to stop the factions that only seek to expand territory and conquer D.C for themselves. The Division will be much more enjoyable when playing with friends in a co-op experience from the beginning to the end of the main story, and moving into the post-content where the game will spike in fun and competitive gameplay. Players will be able to go into higher level combat with stronger enemy AI’s or go down to the “Dark Zone”. Where you can go into combat with other players in a large area, three large areas separate from each other-but the same idea of facing rouge players trying to steal loot will make you check your corners twice before moving to loot. The concept of the first Division was excellent however once the game came out it lost it’s fun pretty fast, but the trailers and interviews are making the game look good. The Division 2 is something many should keep tabs on for a different experience of RPG shooters.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - March 22

The developers Bandai Namco, a much loved company for making the Dark Souls series, brings gamers Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. The game will have elements of the Dark Souls combat and mechanics, but will include new things that other soul type games did not have. The story will take place in 16th century Japan as the main character is a Shinobi. During his time serving his lord, he failed to protect him and got kidnapped. Being left for dead, the Shinobi awoke to find his arm missing and replaced with a prosthetic arm by a mysterious figure. His goal is set straight to save his lord and get revenge for what has happened. The game will have some great stealth mechanics unlike the other souls games. It will be based on using a Katana and the prosthetic arm has many uses such as a grappling hook or an axe, for a greater depth of combat. Just like the Souls games, be aware of the challenge the game will have from the regular enemies into the bosses.

Tropico 6 March - 29

Tropico 6 is a construction management simulator just like the previous games. Being “El Presidente,” one can build up the ideal empire of choice starting with the Colonial Era, moving into the World War eras, then the Cold War Era, and finally move into the Modern Era. Tropico 6 will be like Tropico 5 adding many of the same elements including multiplayer and same mechanics and layout of the land. What makes it unique from any of the other Tropico games is the inclusion of smaller islands around the main island to have more land to expand and have a new edge in many different ways including more land to build farms, build homes, or build more on the military.

The multiplayer will be the same as any other having a four player gaming experience being either allies, trading resources, or being enemies with the other players by sending armies to invade their land or vice versa. The player will have to keep an eye out to the best of their abilities to not get invaded. Build the island and thrive as the leader of the land, build however you like, but know the ups and downs of how you will build your land, but that for you to decide when the game comes out March 29.

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