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Game Changers March 28th Edition

Bringing you the latest updates on your favorite games

By Felipe Sanchez | E Sports/Games Reporter

World War Z April 16 2019

Watched the movie? Did you enjoy the swarms of thousands of zombies attacking all at once causing mayhem? World War Z is a third person shooter filled with endless attacks of zombies flooding the streets roaming in hospitals, homes, and even on highways. They are everywhere but the player isn’t alone. The game will be a four player co-op survival horror. The game itself has some resemblance to another game series known as Left 4 Dead and that isn’t an issue, since Left 4 Dead was a successful game. With the never ending hope of a Left 4 Dead 3 ever being an actual thing, World War Z could help satisfy those who have been waiting for the next Left 4 Dead.

The thing that will make World War Z unique is the story, having three different perspectives. In Moscow, we have father Popov and his team trying to find a bunker to hide from the horde of zombies. In New York, we have survivors that are barracked inside an office building with no hope of surviving. They will attempt to run from the building into the streets and subways of New York for a chance to escape. Lastly, in Jerusalem, a military squad will try to find a top scientist for the chance to activate a weapon system on an abandoned satellite base.

The game will be released April 16, 2019. For $39.99, be prepared to fight against hordes of zombies with the different characters and weapons that are included in the game.

Mortal Kombat 11 April 23 2019

The 11 installment to the Mortal Kombat series takes place after the defeat of Shinnok. Raiden has changed and is now wanting to destroy all the evil in the world by any means necessary. How else would he succeed other than killing off you’re favourite characters but you will just have to wait and see.

The game will be extremely bloody and you will be able to see even more bone breaking fights and bloody finishers with the beauty of seeing the inside of your opponents in great details. Either in single player or in multiplayer, there's no way of escaping the gore of the game.

See the return of great characters such as Johnny Cage, Skarlet, and Liu Kang coming back for even more action as well as some new characters known as Geras and Kronika. Be excited to customize the characters you will play by their outfits, equipment, and moveset to enjoy a variety of moves and new looks for each character, test it, and be the greatest try-hard in the Mortal Kombat community.

Days Gone April 26 2019

Days Gone is an open-world game based on the high-deserts of the Pacific Northwest. You'll play as Deacon St. John, a bounty hunter who lives out in the wild instead of living with others behind walls in fear of the outside.

The story will follow Deacon as he survives the outside world living by his skill of surviving before the outbreak happened two years before the game starts. Deacon was in a gang known as “Mongrels MC”. Losing everything, Deacon is a broken man living in hate of everything that ever happened to his gang, all the way to losing his wife. Deacon is viewed as an anti-hero in the story for him not staying in one place supporting everyone but working by the bounties he is given.

Zombies are the most common enemies but there are multiple types of zombies to be worried about in close space. The second thing would be the wild animals but they are not the same. They are all dead. Wolves, ravens, and bears are in the wild to make your day worse by being the biggest nuisance while trying to survive. Finally a cult known as “Rest in Peace”, also known as Rippers group of psychopaths, want to kill every living human because they praise the infected and the outbreak itself and that everyone deserves the same fate of becoming infected.

Dauntless April 2019

Dauntless is a free to play game created by Phoenix Lab with the attempt of “bringing Players together through deep multiplayer games”. The game will be released sometime in April. The game will mostly be a four player co-op experience where you work in a torn world after events of mystical powers being abused causing the start of the monsters. Monsters come from nowhere and hunt down any people who are alive. The role that the player will play is the slayer. A group of people who hunt the monsters are known as “Behemoths”.

The game is seen as a free Monster Hunter with the same concept of hunting down the biggest monsters and customizing how you look. Your weapons come back with a totally new look to fight an even greater monster than the last. If you're a fan of Monster Hunter then this game wouldn’t hurt, however if new to the hunting monsters genre, trying this game out will open to a new variety of games. If Dauntless turns out to be a fun game, then trying out a Monster Hunter game will be a blast. It will all be the same since the game will be free to everyone for any consoles.

Power Rangers: Battle for the grid April 2019

The 25 year anniversary of Power Rangers will come in a team battle fighting game with great graphics, smooth gameplay, and with the inclusion of the classic Mighty Morphin Power Rangers up to super megaforce, as well the inclusion of villains from the series.

The game will be like any side fighter game with the inclusion of the game being a 3 VS 3. Another positive thing is for people who never play fighting games will have an easier time learning since the game controls will be simplified for anyone to use, beginner or expert.

Power Rangers will solely be online, being able to play random people from across the world and with friends. With the inclusion of cross-play and cross-progression - being able to play on PC, Xbox one, and the Nintendo Switch - and being able to play in such a big community with a lot of people, but the PS4 will not be apart of the cross-play. They are testing for cross-play. Sometime in the future the PS4 will most likely be in the cross-play for Power Rangers. A major impact on the game is the chance of being in special tournaments in a competitive level and have missions to always have something to do. The game will also be very cheap compared to full-priced games being at a solid $19.99.

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