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Games Recommended: Dark Souls Trilogy

Story By Felipe Sanchez

The Dark Souls Trilogy can be purchased through online and local retailers, via stream, or through gaming consoles.

The Dark Souls Trilogy is one of the best, hardest games. The game shows the true side of rage in gamers. The hatred and love for the game is something all gamers should experience. All of the games have giant worlds where you go down whichever path and it will take you some place different and unique, only to come back around to another area of the game. The whole world connects with each other, taking place in a world of ruins after a war with dragons. You may start in a jail cell to only explore a town, a castle, or go down into the ruins where you shall meet ghosts.

As the character, you are one of many who have taken the same path, but the ones who failed and died or those who lost their senses of the world are now soulless monsters. They wander the world to continue their journey of rekindling the flame that protects everything. The flame that gives power and keeps the age of fire going after the war with the dragons was fading. Fear of the dark, the creation and the death of many have caused the existence of chaos and demons. Being born for one purpose is to rekindle the fire to continue the age of fire in exchange for your life. Otherwise you are on the verge of becoming a hollow like the previous wanderers and you need humanities to stay sane and not become one of the hollows.

The gameplay is very hard for newcomers to the series. Start in any of the games and meet the same fate like other people who have played before. People who first played any of the games will have the hardest time learning Dark Souls. The combat and mechanics of the game are really different from other games but the idea behind it is what makes the game great.

“I played it a couple days ago and I was screaming like never before,” senior Tommy Spence said.

There are a wide variety of enemies and bosses across the games and recurring

bosses come back stronger than the last time you fought them. You make the story while going through the games and creating enemies your character has to fight for the entirety of the game. You also listen to their tales of journey and adventure of the characters who lived through what other characters called “hell”. You can even learn the stories of those who have died in their journey or what their normal lives have been before disaster struck.

The Dark Souls Trilogy is an amazing series that actually made a genre of its own. Having to play the games while being riled up makes it fun for many gamers.

“I'm really attached to it. It has [real] nostalgia to it. It's one of my favorite games,” Spence said.

The game also creates attachments through a sense of happiness while gamers play. Since all three games have a multiplayer option, people make their days better by helping a friend go through the story to fight bosses and enemies.

“I have played over 3,000 hours of only multiplayer,” senior Chase Brawner said.

Even when people don’t play for the multiplayer, they still love the game for its single player options and it’s replay ability to fight repeatedly. You can always make a different type of character with different magic or weapons to better your chance of winning the game. You can even play the game at level 1 as a starting point for a bigger challenge. You can also do a lot in the game that will make you last a long time while playing.

People repeatedly praise the Dark Souls Trilogy and constantly recommend it to other gamers.

“Dark Souls 1: 10/10, Dark Souls 2: 4/10, Dark Souls 3: 7/10,” Spence said.

“Dark Souls 1: 10/10, Dark Souls 2: 7/10, Dark Souls 3: 8/10,” senior Zach Andrews said.

“Dark Souls 1: 10/10, Dark Souls 2: 8/10, Dark Souls 3: 7/10,” Brawner said.

The locations to buy the games combined or separately can be found at select local retailers or you can buy the games online from the Playstation store, Xbox store, or on steam for the PC.

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