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Get Your Head in The Game

Story by Nicholas Jones | Reporter

After more than two years of research and prototyping, Vicis has finally released the invention of the smart helmet to school, college, and professional football teams. These helmets have technology in them that can alert people on the sidelines (coaches, trainers, and doctors for example) about any injury a player might have sustained so that they can be pulled out of the game, and receive treatment.

“It’s an incredible advancement for safety when it comes to keeping players safe,” football and baseball coach Austin Cook said. “Not only will we be able to know when one of our players gets injured, but we will have a general idea of what the injury might be. The only reason that people might be opposed to the smart helmet technology is because of the price.”

The helmets are expensive, priced at $1,500 for one helmet. However a high school in Mount Holly, NC decided that the helmets are well worth the cost.

“It gives us a peace of mind knowing that they’re in the best helmet they can put on,” Mount Holly’s athletic director Matter Steger said.

Mount Holly High School is the only school to have purchased the smart helmets as of date, but players at Boyd think that the helmets could be useful for their safety.

“I’d personally feel much safer if Boyd decided to get smart helmets for their players,” sophomore football player Xavier Burnside said. “If paramedics knew exactly when and where I got an injury, I could get treated and get back into the game much faster and help my team. Maybe this technology could get even more advanced to where the helmet could tell the paramedics what type of injury someone might have sustained and how best to treat it. There are a lot of possibilities for the smart helmet.”

Many people still worry that the smart helmet technology might not live up to its expectations. Parents still fear that their child will sustain injuries to the head while playing football, and that they will suffer serious consequences.

“I think why people still worry about smart helmet technology is because it may not be accurate,” campus athletic coordinator Joe McBride said. “In order for the smart helmet to actually become successful, people have to know whether the data received is accurate and when an injury might be had.”

Vicis states that the product will tell the exact moment an injury occurs. According to their website, Vicis states they are working on future updates to make the helmet better, but have not said what those updates will be.

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