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Goodbye Half Days, Hello New Finals Schedule

Story by Cat Wright | News Editor

Tuesday, March 5, Dr. Pierson sent out an email to parents and students on how this years final exam week will be different than past years. This year we will have three full days of exams instead of half days in previous years.

“We are required by the state of Texas to be in school so many minutes per year and so with us getting out early we don’t get credit for that,” Principal Dr. Pierson said.

A new bill was passed in 2017 that requires public schools to meet a minimum of 2442 minutes per school year. Failing to meet this minimum results in a loss of funding for the school.

Mckinney ISD is already looking at making some changes for upcoming years to meet this requirement and keep half days during finals.

“Would you guys be willing to come in ten minutes earlier in the morning or maybe ten or fifteen minutes later in the afternoon, in order to have those early release days,” Associate Principal Mr. Seins said.

Although this years finals might be big change from what we are used to, don’t stress too much because half day finals will be back. Check out BNN’s last show to find out more on the new exam schedule.

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