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Holy Guacamole!

Story by Belle Norton|Web Editor/Reporter

Photo courtesy of CNBC

The United States relies heavily on Mexico’s imports of fruits and vegetables. Last week President Trump threatened to shut down the U.S.-Mexico border if Mexico didn't "stop all illegal immigration". The probability of Trump shutting the border has decreased since he initially said it. But there is no telling when he might actually follow through with his threat.

“I think that the border shutdown is a good and bad thing,” sophomore Cayden Aklinski said, “it’s good because illegal immigration does hurt community’s, but it is a bad thing because it cost more money for the United States and it is a heavily debated topic.”

If the border does close, that would have a some consequences for the United States. First Americans could run out of avocados in three weeks and, on average, Americans consume 49 million pounds of avocados per week. Because of that, on April 2, avocado prices jumped 34 percent. That's the largest one day spike in a decade. Anything from tomatoes, bell peppers, and brussel sprouts would also be affected.

Not only would produce be affected, but closing the border would cause serious harm for the economy. U.S. and Mexico trade exceeds $1.7 billion every day. Workers, farmers, manufactures, and American families would be affected. Trump has acknowledged the possible damage.

“It’s going to have a negative impact on the economy, but security is more important to me than trade,” Trump told reporters during an Oval Office photo op on April 2.

If illegal immigrants were to keep crossing, the illegal population would grow another million before the year is over.

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