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Freshman Scores Spot on Varsity

Story by Kyle Keegan

To be a freshman on a varsity team requires a type of personality and character that the average young teen does not have. Time spent on freshman and jv teams help to bring those special traits out. Varsity is a place where hard work is expected and to stand out as a freshman in a 6A school is rare. But, Hope Monte has done it.

From an early age, Monte has put a lot of effort into playing soccer. She plays for F.C. Dallas, a club team that has had lots of success and was able to prepare her for high school as well.

“I’ve put in a lot of practice and hard work, and pushing through your struggles is something that I have learned,” freshman Hope Monte said.

Being able to keep on going despite facing adversity is what makes her so special. It’s what separates her from all of the other soccer players and is one of the main reasons she is on varsity now.

Monte has made an impact on varsity that has affected other players positively.

“She comes everyday and does her best and it pushes us to our best because if a freshman can do it, we can do it,” junior Sophia Brix said.

This is the type of player that Hope is. She helps build other people up rather than drag them down.

“She's one of those players who has a smart mind and great feet which make her a superb soccer player,” junior Madi Bissa said.

Soccer is a game that requires both mental awareness and athleticism and when a player has both, they are guaranteed to excel at the sport and that's why Hope Monte is so great.

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