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Impact of Online Learning

Story by Editor-in-Chief Laura Boyd

Students switch from the traditional classroom to online learning for a variety of reasons. Some students go to online school for a short period of time and then return to the classroom. The trend of online school continues to grow each year.

As the years progress, many students are taking the leap into a new era of learning: online school. This way of schooling allows students to attend classes whenever they want and work at a speed that best suits their needs. According to www.connectionsacademy.com, nearly 2.7 million students have made the switch from a traditional classroom to some form of online classes from 2009-2014.

One current McKinney Boyd Student, Emma Kell, made the bold decision to transfer to online school while in middle school, leaving the traditional classroom entirely. I had a lot of issues in [the] seventh grade with other kids… so my mom pulled me out,” Kell said.

While enrolled in Liberty University Online Academy, Kell received an education that she was able to control. From course-load to the amount of time she spent in the classroom, she quickly passed her peers in the traditional classroom. “When I [moved to online courses] in middle school and came back in the eighth grade, I was a year ahead of [other students]... It’s very fast-paced,” Kell said.

While many students may think it is an odd, or even reclusive behavior to attend online classes, a great majority see it as an opportunity to get a head start on their higher education. Online schools offer college-level courses as a way to chip off expensive (but required) classes such as math or biology.

With the possibility of taking away costs of college courses, students are also given the opportunity to graduate early with extra credits. McKinney Boyd counselor, Sara Hayes, believes that “It’s financially way cheaper than going off to school… We have some [students] that graduate early that actually end up going to Collin [Community College].”

Many students also take the extra courses because they are ready to move past high school and move into the next chapter of their lives.

“I think there are some [students] that are just ready to move on… Whether it be they want to start their career and they know they’re going to be in school for a long period of time [or] the athletes [that] want to come... a semester early,” Hayes said.

With a growing demand for a more time-friendly learning experience, many high school students are making the switch to online and summer courses. According to www.thejournal.com, it is estimated that the United States with see a 29 percent increase in online class registration in 2019. This non-traditional approach to schooling may be the new wave of education for the future.

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