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Kyle’s Korner: “Most Boring Super Bowl Ever”

Kyle Keegan

The Super Bowl is typically a time where fans enjoy football and throwing a party. The previous 25 have included games where more than 30 points were scored making it interesting and exciting. However Super Bowl 53 was the opposite and was the lowest scoring game in Super Bowl history. And, in my opinion, also making it the most boring. The Rams and Patriots came in as offensive powerhouses so no one would have thought this would be the case.

In total, 16 points were scored with 10 of them coming in the fourth quarter. “I couldn't get into the game. Every drive would end in a punt and it's not exciting to see the defense do good” junior Sam Mcginnis said.

Fourteen of the drives resulted in a punt and the defense held the offense to a total of 707 yards which was also a low for the Super Bowl. People like to see scoring, so when it doesn't happen, the fans get angry and bored and it results in possibly the worst Super Bowl ever.

However there were some good moments that came out of Super Bowl 53. The punter for the Rams, John Hekker, recorded the longest punt in Super Bowl history with a 65 yard boom.

Unfortunately for the Rams also now hold another record - the most consecutive drives ending in a punt (eight).

While Super Bowl 53 was one of, if not the most boring game of all time, it broke many records that almost make up for it.

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