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Money, Money, Money… on video games?

Story by Felipe Sanchez | Reporter

Money is valuable and spending it on games or in-game purchases could deplete your pockets very quickly if you’re not careful on how you spend it.

There is a whole collection of games in the market either online or on disc with many loyal fans who will spend their cash to support and advance their games.

When games come out the price is not always nice with most starting around $60 online or in store. There is the rare occurrence of some new games being at a lower price.

“I have spent more than $1000 on games [in] my lifetime,” senior Zach Andrews said.

There are also limited and ultimate editions to games from the $70 range all the way to $287, not including the maniacs who put Saints Row 4, The Super Dangerous Wad Wad edition at $1,000,000. Sadly there was only one copy and it was only exclusive only to the UK.

Management for the release of these new games is great however for most students, money will be tight. This is very irritating for some people because they have been waiting since 2012 for it to come out. There are also games that all your friends are getting and you want to play so you can relate with everyone.

“If I am not included, my parents bought me around $500 to $600,” senior Sean Mackenzie said.

The prices will affect students either causing them to give in to peer pressure and buy the game or just buy the game regardless. The funny thing is, it is not only just buying games that affects someone. It is also the add-ons that games include especially on phone games like the return of Clash Of Clans and free games such as Fortnite and Apex Legends.

"I spent $50 or more on Clash Of Clans,” senior Levi McKnight said.

The free games make profits from these add-ons and these three games are just the tip of the iceberg. Underneath are hundreds of games that are free but have very tempting in-game deals. Know the game and make sure you if you ever spend money on it that you will stick with it for a very long time. You can always choose to not spend games and save it for food, clothes, or college.

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