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New Face on the Lot

Story by Belle Norton

New morning security personnel for the north parking lot, George Mendez

Boyd’s “golf cart guys” have always been a mystery of the parking lots. Their job is security for the school, but many students have no idea what they actually do.

“I see them all the time,” freshman Rebecca Balan said. “I think they like help carry supplies or something, maybe work in parking because it’s always crazy.”

There are even a few students who have never even heard of them before.

“I have never heard of the golf cart guys,” junior Brylee Lackey said.

“My background is mostly security and safety, so the main thing I want to do is make a safe environment- To have a nice, healthy educational environment, that's my main mission here,” new morning security personnel for the north parking lot, George Mendez, said.

As security guards they take their job seriously and do their best to protect the school. As the newest member to the parking lot security team, Mendez is especially serious about his job.

“I want everyone to understand that I’m here for their safety and their security,” Mendez said.

The “golf cart guys” are here for security and to make sure McKinney Boyd stays safe. Meet Mr. Mendez and learn more about him on BNN on Friday, March 1.

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