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Notre Dame Engulfed by Flames

Story by Laura Boyd|Editor-in-Chief

Photo courtesy of Cnet

A fire engulfed the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France on Monday, April 15. The fire began around 6:30 pm (4:30 GMT) and quickly spread to the roof of the cathedral before destroying the windows and collapsing the spire; however, the 850-year old cathedral’s main structure and two bell towers survived the fire.

The Vatican has voiced their “[disbelief] and sadness” about the recent burning of the cathedral and “[expressed] [their] closeness with the French Catholics and with the Parisian population.”

Many individuals are distraught by the fire.

“What an uncanny horrible feeling: history about to disappear on a livestream,” BuzzFeed’s Anne Helen Petersen wrote on Twitter soon after the fire.

The main works of art within the Cathedral have been saved including 16 statues that were removed due to a $6.8 million renovation project for construction on the main structure. More than $600 million has been donated from a multitude of French billionaires to rebuild the Notre Dame Cathedral.

Eric Fischer, the head of the foundation in charge of restoration, stated it could take “decades” to rebuild the cathedral, even after the recent three-year reconstruction it recently underwent.

While the world mourns the loss of an international treasure, many have begun to look towards the future of the Notre Dame. President Emmanuel Macron vowed that “we will rebuild Notre-Dame together.”

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