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Once a Bronco, Always a Bronco

Story by Christian Davis

Being a coach can be difficult and requires lots of responsibility but when you’re Coach Dylan Neal, it’s enjoyable, and loads of fun. Neal attended The University of Oklahoma and was a catcher for the baseball team. Neal, a former Boyd student, brought his talent home as a new coach for the JV baseball team.

Baseball is mainly what he came back for, but, it’s not the only thing he does during the day. He also is an inclusion teacher for math. An inclusion teacher is an assistant teacher that helps with the students that may be struggling or behind, and can also help with teaching the subject the main teacher is covering.

“Coaching is important to me because it’s typically a type of thing where you are doing something you love and teaching other students how to do that thing that you love,” Neal said.

Neal definitely knows how to make his job entertaining. Everyday when he steps on the ball field to coach for his former school, he always has a smile on his face and is ready for some baseball, and to teach players what he was taught when he was here.

“The thing that I enjoy about coaching the most is getting to know each and every player. Everyone of them is different in their own way and getting to know all of them creates a special type of bond.” Neal said.

Since Neals sport is baseball, he chose to coach it. He also says it’s easy for him to coach and teach the players because he has been in the same position as them. He is able to relate, to his players since he is younger and can see where other players potential confusion is coming from.

“I chose coaching baseball because that's the main sport I played and I know how to coach it since I’m a former player” Neal said.

Coach Neal plans to be a Boyd Bronco for as long as he can.

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