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Newspaper returns to Boyd

Story by Cat Wright and Laura Boyd

With a new year came a new addition to the Boyd journalism department - the online newspaper, “RED across the Nation”.

In 2017 the original school print and online newspaper, “The Spur”, fell out of production. But this upcoming semester, a new, improved, all online Boyd newspaper hits the web. With a new staff and a new advisor, “RED across the Nation” hopes to bring more in depth news to Boyd, and more Boyd news out to the community.

Principal Dr. Jennifer Peirson has overseen the production of the school newspaper over the past few years. “Any time [Boyd has] the opportunity to get great things out about what’s going on at Boyd, information about our school, and brag about all of our students and our teachers, [it’s] a great idea,” Peirson said.

Since “The Spur” did not reach as large of an audience as it hoped, the marketing of the paper itself will be crucial to it’s success. “It’s going to be all in how [we] market it and how many students [we] get it out to,” Peirson said.

“RED across the Nation” (RatN) is striving to positively impact the staff and student body with new stories every other week. RatN will include news, sports, science and technology, arts, entertainment, and a student spotlight to highlight students nominated by their teachers.

“I think it can definitely influence on a positive note. You know people love to see stories about the school and themselves…I think it’s only going to increase the school spirit and the information that’s out there about the school,” Peirson said.

With the fast approach of the 2019-2020 school year and student course selection coming up, it will be exciting to see how RatN continues.

“With journalism numbers up this year, I hope that trend continues for next year. And, the opportunity to bring back the paper, and combine those talented students with BNN gives Boyd the opportunity to create multi-media journalists who will be better prepared for their futures,” newspaper advisor Kristina Steinhauser said.

Hayden Gilliam, BNN news director, is equally excited about the restart of a school newspaper. “I think it’s great that this is happening because newspaper and broadcast attract two completely different audiences. Broadcast journalism provides a great two minute glimpse into news, but a story in a newspaper will let the audience fully understand every aspect of a situation,” Gilliam said.

As we launch RatN, we hope to reach a wide variety of Broncos and be able to amplify how great Boyd is. Check out RatN on all the various social media platforms to stay informed:

Twitter: RedatNation2

Instagram: RedatNation

Facebook: RED across the Nation

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