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Sports Depression: Losses affect more than those playing the game

Story by Christian Davis

Photo Credit: New Jersey Real-Time Sports

Cowboys fans and Cowboys players remain saddened after the loss in the NFC divisional round. Dallas has now failed to go back to the NFC championship for the 23rd straight year, and the fans are tired of it. Along with Dallas, there were the surprise losses for the New Orleans Saints and the Kansas City Chiefs. Often after teams lose games and seasons end, it causes psychological issues for fans this is known as “sports fan depression”.

Sports fan depression is real. Fortunately there are many ways to fight it according to https://thriveworks.com. One of the best ways to fight this depression is to stay social with others who are feeling the same way. What this does is remind you that you’re not alone and that it’s going to be alright. Whenever you are feeling down about your favorite team losing, more than likely you try to isolate yourself and, all this does is make your sadness worse.

Another great way to counter “sports fan depression” is by talking about your “sports blues” with friends that are having the same feelings. This releases stress because it takes your mind off your team losing. Sometimes people get very angry watching their team lose and will turn the game off completely. This is another great way to fight the depression because when people are watching a game, they tend to start stressing during the end of the game, if it’s close, or if there is a potential big moment. For example if it’s the bottom of the ninth inning in baseball and your team is about to score and win the game; things like this build up stress and it isn’t good for your health. It is actually better to turn off the game before it’s over, and view the score results after the game has finished.

“When I watch the Steelers, my favorite team, I tend to get pretty mad when they lose or like when then make a bad play, so what I do is just turn the game off,” freshman, Cole Christie, said.

The last great way to counter this depression is to focus on things that are going good in your life. For example, if you got a good grade on a test, or got accepted into that job you applied for. Studies show that bad things affect you a lot more than the good things, so it’s important to always look on the bright side of things. And, try to not think about the bad game.

One other thing that is very important is to always stay loyal to your team. Once you’ve selected a favorite team, there shouldn’t be going any back, no matter how bad they might be, you just have to think that eventually they will be a good team, be loyal through it all, and always stick to your team.

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