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Spread the Word, Stop the Germs

Story by Nick Jones

Winter is the time where viruses are most predominant, and students are already starting to catch colds and the flu. This forces them to be absent and miss education.

“[Many] students take as many as two from four days to heal,” assistant principal secretary Mary Bolsinger said. “It is possible to make up the work that they owe, but it takes a lot of time and dedication, and failing to do these assignments can cripple a student’s grade.”

Luckily, there are simple ways to avoid getting sick and missing school.

“Our major goal is to prevent the spread of diseases,” school nurse Nichole Warren said. “If students start showing symptoms like fever, then they should stay home and recover. The cold can be somewhat contained if students wash their hands frequently and practice good hygiene. But someone with the cold should still stay home because someone else can catch the disease by just being near someone infected.”

Another tip for those who are sick would be to to drink plenty of water and get lots of rest.

“The flu is harder,” Warren continued. “And we try to prevent it because the symptoms of the flu are much more damaging. Symptoms such as fever and a red nose are signs that the flu is present.” It’s very important to wash your hands often so you don’t catch a cold or flu. But, according to the Center for Disease Control, your best line of defense is to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

Photo credit: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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