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Stars head to Game 7 against Blues

Dallas Stars need the win to advance to the next round in the Western Conference

Story by Christian Davis | Sports Reporter

After a long series with the St. Louis Blues, the Dallas Stars play game 7 of the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs tonight in St. Louis.

In game 6, the Stars goaltender Ben Bishop fell on the ground after a shot to his collarbone and gave the Blues an easy goal. This made the score 3-1 and Stars fans lost hope as they were already in the third period. Right after that, the Stars took a quick second to settle down and get their heads back in the game, although it didn’t change anything because the Blues scored on their very next possession.

Freshman Caden Kitchens was disappointed in game 6, and hopes the Stars can rally in game 7. “It really just was a bad game from the start when the Blues went up early, I could already feel that it was going to be a bad game. [And] for the Stars being at home [it] puts on too much pressure [on them] and they don't perform as well. But since we’re playing game 7 away, I think we can pull away with a win”.

The last time that the Stars appeared in the third round of the playoffs was in 2008 when they lost to the Detroit Red Wings. The last time the Stars won the Stanley cup was in 1999 when they beat the Buffalo Sabres.

The final game is at 7 p.m central time on NBCS.

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