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Stars Make it to the Second Round!

Story by Christian Davis | Reporter

The Dallas Stars are definitely a playoff team, but they never seem to manage to take home the cup, let alone get far in the playoffs. The last time they took home a victory was in 1999 when they won the series over the Buffalo Sabres.

The Dallas Stars have made it to the second round in the playoffs, after their series win over the Nashville Predators. The series was played in six games with the Stars ultimately coming on top. The series started with Dallas ahead 1-0 in the series, however the Predators fought back to win the next two games and take the lead in the series 2-1. The Stars answered back and ended up winning three straight games, taking the series after an amazing game six which went into OT.

The last time the Stars made an appearance in the second round was in 2016, where they played the St. Louis Blues. Sadly they lost the series, in seven nail biting games, however they look to take revenge as the same series will go down as the Blues and Stars face off again. A win over the Blues will definitely feel good for the Stars.

McKinney Boyd is home to many Stars fans and seeing them make it this far is super exciting.

“ I think the Stars making it this far in the playoffs is a step in the right direction, and if we have the same guys stick around for a few more years, we can definitely make a run for the Stanley Cup in the near future.” Stars fan freshman Cole Christie says.

The Stars making it in to the second round is definitely something to shout about, and Stars fans can’t wait to see how these 2019 playoffs unfold.

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