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Summer and the Stage

Story by Aaryan Panjwani | Fine Arts Reporter

Photo courtesy of Broadway Broncos

While some students are packing their bags and heading for vacations, others continue to perfect their craft.

Some of the Broadway Broncos will hone in on their acting skills and gain more experience to better themselves as young actors.

Many opportunities such as shows, workshops, and classes circulate throughout the summer. Some consider acting a hobby whereas, others may consider work towards it as a career and an opportunity to further it.

“I wanna go to college for musical theatre. It’s just really fun for me! I’m a creative person so I wouldn’t feel right doing anything not theatre related,” junior Lake Jones said.

He has already started taking dance lessons and plans on taking vocal lessons as well.

These opportunities are not only targeted for newcomers and intermediates within the theatre world, but also for the experienced as well. There is always something to gain and take away from the experience.

“I started doing summer camps and shows during elementary school and then I started taking a theatre class in middle school. Freshmen year, I joined theatre at Boyd. I’ve been taking the class, on the theatre board, and in the musical theatre class this year as well and I’ve done more shows here to so I could get more training and learn more about theatre,” junior Emily Alt, who is doing some shows this summer and taking a conservatory in New York to further her experience this break, said.

Whether it be a show, a camp, a conservatory, or a class, there is always something one can do to train themselves more and prepare for their future in the theatre world.

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