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"Sweet Victory" or Hot Mess?

Super Bowl 53 Halftime Leaves Fans Wanting More

Story by Hope Monte

Photo courtesy of sportingnews.com. There were mixed reviews of everything from the costumes to the performances of Super Bowl halftime performers (l to r) Travis Scott, Big Boi and Adam Levine (Maroon 5). "Travis' (outfit) was good, other than the Louis Vuitton belt. Maroon 5's was bad and I didn't like Big Boi's either," Jake Bendetti said.

The Super Bowl 53 halftime show was a lot of different things, however it seems most people would say that it could have been better.

After a first half that was less than exciting with a score of 3-0 with the Patriots leading the Rams, many people looked forward to an entertaining halftime show, but like the game, it was disappointing as well.

“I was kind of disappointed, but it didn’t really matter to me,” Coach Ramos said.

“I was pretty upset that they didn’t play ‘Sweet Victory’ all the way through. I wish SpongeBob would’ve performed,” freshman Kenedie Eicher said.

There were many mixed opinions about the lineup for the show, some showing excitement and some seemingly unimpressed.

“I thought it was good but I also thought the SpongeBob part was too short,” sophomore Morgan Westbury said about the surprising segment from SpongeBob.

“I was excited for Travis Scott for sure. I could care less about Maroon 5. They could’ve had a female performer too, I would’ve liked to see Billie Eilish,” freshman Jake Bendetti said.

“I really liked (who was performing) because I like Maroon 5 and I’m a fan,” Eicher said.

Although the halftime show is typically quite flashy, the outfits for the night didn’t really make sense to some spectators.

“The (outfits) were kinda crazy. They really were,” Westbury said.

“Travis’s (outfit) was good, other than the Louis Vuitton belt. Maroon 5 was bad and I didn’t like Big Boi’s either,” Bendetti said.

Super Bowl 54 airs Sunday, Feb. 2, 2020 leaving football fans hoping next year’s event can only get better.

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