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Global Warming Affecting temperatures, environment

Story by Savannah Dres | Reporter

Glaciers melt, forests are slowly burning, and oceans are rising. It seems clear that people

might be causing global warming, however, many debate if this issue is really causing the earth to change.

Long term conditions are changing the earth, even though people may not notice it. Because

of global warming, the temperatures continue to rise and droughts and precipitation levels cause the earth to slowly change.

It is very bad for the environment as the fresh water is diminishing little by little each day. Sea levels rising can lead to factors like bad infrastructure to houses and pollution to lakes and oceans. The air quality from global warming is not good for people to breathe and smoke from wildfires can get in the air as well.

Students are taking part of this issue and making sure they are protesting and trying to come up with a change. McKinney Boyd High School and McKinney North High School have reacted to global warming with lots of thoughts about the issue. “The people and earth have adjusted to fluctuations of the earth for lots of years. Carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases are responsible for global warming,” freshman Hayden Swanner said. Florida, Arizona, Texas, and California are areas where global warming seems most present. ”We experience global warming because the earth is just in its warming phase.”

It is debatable that the sun could be one of the reasons that global warming is caused and heating up the earth more and more, leaving states miserable in the spring and summer seasons.

“I definitely do not agree with the fact that the sun is the cause of global warming. Everyone has learned to adapt to the earth changing ever since we were first set foot on it. I don’t understand why it is such a big issue for people to worry about nowadays,” freshman Jeanette Gutierrez said.

“Global warming is not good for our environment. More and more people are living on limited resources every week and water supply is running out,” Boyd freshman Hannah Dres said.

At the moment, there are not many ways to “prevent global warming” from occurring. The best way for people to make global warming a little less harsh is by doing certain things for a more sustainable and eco-friendly environment, such as conserving energy.

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