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Teach Your Dogs to Press PAWS

Story by Savannah Dres|Reporter

The Roku remote has made watching television easier, with simple controls and shortcuts to get access to favorite shows faster. However, Roku is not just for people. Now dogs can use it too. The new “bark assistance technology” helps dogs easily control the remote, such as bark to pause, bark to change volume, and bark to play.

The buttons on this remote are animal themed, shaped like paw prints so that dogs can navigate to their favorite shows. A channel known as the “Pet Collective” includes many shows suitable for your furry friend like Animal Planet and dog cartoons. Your dog can also enjoy funny animal memes as well.

This remote can be used while the owner isn’t at home. If your dog ever has an emergency while their owner is gone, all they do is bark and it will instantly notify the owner's phone. Press Paws is compatible for any type of dog out there.

Roku made a statement on April 1 saying the remote is “now available on our website for your favorite pooches. I’ve never heard anything like that before,” said freshman Aliyah Kovatch. It came to a surprise as many thought this was an April Fool’s joke. Roku cares about dogs which is why they decided to invent the remote. As of right now, most people have no idea as to what this remote is or does.

“The idea of this remote for dogs sounds kind of annoying, especially since my dogs already bark a lot, and they would just be barking at the tv all the time to access their favorite shows and would never shut up,” Kovatch said she doesn’t think her dogs would enjoy this, and she wouldn’t enjoy it either.

“That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life. Dogs would have no idea as to what they were doing in the first place. They would probably break the remote,” Said freshman Makenzei Tietge.

Tietge has two dogs of her own and says that neither of them pay attention to the television anyways which is why the remote is not a very good idea for her dogs. “I don’t know of any dog who just sits and stares at a television. All they would do is just lay around. No, my dogs would definitely not enjoy this.” Tietge said that dogs are not meant to watch television anyway.

Roku hopes to earn new sales from this invention. But as of right now there hasn’t been very good feedback according to Roku’s website. The Roku Press Paws remote is currently available on their website for $19.99.

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