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Test Prep Relieves Stress before SAT, ACT

MISD Offers Low Cost ACT Test Prep Seminar June 3

Story by Laura Boyd | Editor-in-Chief

As the school year comes to a close, many Boyd students are beginning to study for college entrance exams. In preparation for these exams, McKinney Independent School District is providing students with a low cost ACT test prep seminar on Monday, June 3, 2019.

The class will take place from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. and will allow students to learn answer elimination strategies, reduce stress and anxiety about the test, and take short practice tests that are similar to the real ACT.

Since these test are high stress, many students worry about worst case scenarios that can take place during exam. Recently, the SAT held at McKinney Boyd made a student’s worst nightmare a reality: having their scores invalidated.

Due to a malfunction with the school’s air conditioning unit, the test center was evacuated and students were sent home, awaiting a new testing date and center. This mishap led students into a frenzy.

“In my area of the school the power was still on… The fact that I had to drive all the way to Richardson was annoying,” junior Emma Kell said.

Other students, however, were grateful for the test cancellation.

“The most stressful part of the cancellation was scheduling time for another test. The process was disorganized and hard to manage… [but] I didn’t feel good about the test anyways,” junior Reagan Cook said. “[The cancellation] gave me more time to prepare for the next test.”

As one of the students who also had to retake the exam, I felt that the extra two weeks I had to prepare benefitted me in the long run. I took two more practice exams, studied subjects that I was not confident about, and took advantage of my chance to see what the real test looked like.

While inconvenient and aggravating, the cancellation acted as a saving grace for many students’ SAT scores, allowing students a sense of relief when it came to taking one of the most stressful tests of their high school careers.

Don’t sit back and wait for the power to go out, take advantage of the ACT test prep on June 3.

The seminar will cost $64 dollars to enroll. To register, visit the McKinney ISD website (https://www.mckinneyisd.net/news-events/press-release/misd-offers-low-cost-act-test-prep-seminar-on-june-3/) or call 877-972-8378 for assistance.

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