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Texas May No Longer Be In The Dark

Gov. to possibly sign bill doing away with Daylight Savings Time

Story by Belle Norton | Web Editor/Reporter

Photo courtesy from National Geographic

No more daylight saving time could be a new reality for Texans. Ever since World War I, the U.S. has been using daylight savings time. Its main purpose was to make better use of daylight so people could be more productive. Some people say daylight savings is still useful, but others say that in today's age the time change is not needed. Two states, Arizona and Hawaii, already did away with daylight savings time, and Texas might soon join them. Both State Rep. Lyle Larson and Sen. José Menéndez proposed bills to end daylight saving time in Texas. If the bills do get accepted the act will go into effect Nov. 4, 2019.

Many people argue against the exemption of daylight saving time. Some say that longer daylight makes it safer and leads to a drop in crime rates. Also some say that they need the extra daylight so they can spend more time on their hobbies.

“Daylight savings is really important, I need it so I can do stuff like fish and hunt longer,” freshman Landon Wood said.

On the other hand there are people who wouldn’t care if it went away. Also many students don’t even know what it is.

“To be honest I don’t really know what daylight savings is, it doesn’t impact me,” freshman Kaylae Metheny said.

Daylight savings time could be important to some people and not really impact others. On Nov. 4 it will be official whether it stays or not for Texas. That could be the last time change for Texas.

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