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The Fourth Jonas Brother

Story by Kaylee Rucker|Reporter

The Jonas brothers are Kevin, 31, Joe, 29, and Nick, 26, or so you thought. There is one more brother many don’t know. Frankie Jonas, 18, is the fourth brother.

According to eonline.com, Frankie Jonas is also referred to as the bonus Jonas. His older brothers are known for being in a rock band and for starring in “Camp Rock”, the show “Jonas”, and their mini reality show “Living the Dream”. Frankie Jonas appeared in “Jonas” multiple times, as well as “Living the Dream”.

Frankie Jonas is a singer, voice actor, and a child actor. Frankie is popular for his voice in the movie Ponyo. At the teen choice awards in 2009, he won the award for choice breakout tv star male.

“I did not know about Frankie Jonas until now but he sounds like he is doing what he loves,” sophomore Wyatt Bullock said.

According to screenrant.com, the three older Jonas brothers went by the name J3 then changed it to the Jonas Brothers for their rock band. When you hear about the Jonas brothers, many don’t think of Frankie because he's not a part of the band

According to cheatsheet.com, Frankie was too young to be a part of the band the Jonas Brothers. Frankie still spent time with his family and wasn’t left out on the adventures with his brothers.

“I think he is trying to make his own career and having his brothers as an example, they can help him as an inspiration,” sophomore Jalyne King said.

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