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V.A.S.E. holds more than just Flowers

Boyd artists enter pieces for chance to compete in gold seal competition

Story by Aaryan Panjwani

The spring semester brings a variety of different events in the fine art department, including the V.A.S.E (Visual Arts Scholastic Events) competition.

Art students submit pieces of their best work to the art shows throughout the semester in an effort to win the competition hosted by the Texas Art Education Association.

Elise Aldrete plans to enter the competition with her 2D picture of food labels, with a twist to the art of them being appropriated to what they actually mean.

“I think it’s really cool to see what the judges have for feedback because it lets you see different perspectives that you never think of before. Sometimes there’s certain strong points in your work that they’ll point out and there’s also weak points and it’s kind of cool to be able to defend your artwork and see someone else’s perspective,” Aldrete said.

In addition to painting, Boyd students will enter the photography competition as well.

Senior Drew Rappold is entering two of his photography pieces that he took from his trip to England over the Thanksgiving Break. “I’m looking forward to getting feedback from professionals in the field because often I’m surrounded by high schoolers and while their ideas are interesting, getting feedback from people who have done art for much longer than I have.”

Viewers votes determine the winners. They judge on a scale of 1-4. Once the state winners are determined, they are eligible for gold seal competition. The gold seal competition winner receives a $10,000 scholarship to any university in the United States. The show began Feb. 16, 2019 at Prosper High School with a total of 2,224 pieces entered.

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