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This is the Place to BEE

Story by Aaryan Panjwani | Reporter

Grab your dictionaries and get ready for the next big spelling bee put on by the Broadway Broncos.

The Broadway Broncos will perform “The 25th Putnam County Spelling Bee” on April 25-27 at 7 pm as tickets are still currently being sold. The musical is a light-hearted comedy which tells the story of six middle schoolers from Putnam Valley Middle School, competing in a spelling bee which is run by three vibrant adult characters.

A fun addition to the show is that audience members are involved, usually dragged in by cast members.

The show is adapted from a book by Rachel Sheinkin called “The 25th Putnam County Spelling Bee”. In 2005, it premiered on Broadway as a musical and became a favorite among many due to their great use of comedy, audience participation, and songs.

According to Catherine D’Annibale, the director of the show, the show will not be done traditionally.

“We’ve set it in the early 70s instead of modern day time. We’ve double casted, so we’re kind of working in different people at different parts, and we’ve kind of taken the bee theme and run with it so it’s more whimsical than the show is traditionally done,” D'Annibale said.

Lake Jones, a member of the Broadway Broncos who plays the Vice-Principal, elaborates on what it’s like to be a member of the cast as well as his own stance on the show.

“It’s been going a lot smoother than other shows that I’ve been in, especially last year and other years that I’ve been in them because it’s a show that’s supposed to feel alive and there’s a lot of improv involved. The role that I have is really special to the show because I don’t sing in the show, but I’m kind of involved with the audience a lot because we get audience members to spell. It’s a really special show that shows however weird you may be, everyone has a heart in their own story and their [the characters’] solos really show that,” Jones said.

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