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What's the Weather Gonna Be?

Story by AC Drennan

The saying “If you don’t like the weather in Texas, wait five minutes,” has been almost accurate recently. But instead of five minutes, it is a few hours. Several days the temperatures begin in the 30s, and by the afternoon, it’s in the 60s.

According to www.cbsnews.com, up in the Arctic, there is a polar vortex, which is a circular weather pattern that holds extremely cold air and keeps that up in the north pole. It has greatly weakened and become so depleted that a huge rush of wind and cold air have come down south. The temperatures themselves are not record-breaking, but the amount of time this cold front has lasted is. Many experts made predictions that the weather should have been back to normal in mid-December.

While the United States is dealing with extreme cold temperatures compared to the average weather, the rest of the world has been much warmer than normal. There is a theory in the science and weather community that these changes are most likely caused by climate change.

The Earth has been warming slowly for some time now, but the poles have been warming more than two times faster than the rest of the world. So as it gets warmer in the poles, the polar vortex is weakening. What used to keep the colder air secured up north is breaking down and is no longer able to hold said air. “[What] once was a tight-knit circulation unraveling, [is now] slinging pieces of cold air outward,” meteorologist Jeff Beradelli said.

On Feb. 2, Groundhog Day, Phil, the groundhog, predicted this year that spring is just around the corner. But this week’s weather prediction does not agree.

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