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Why does it take “HIM” so long to get ready?

Story by Daniella Kitawi

Let’s start 2019 with a fashion bang covering McKinney Boyd’s fashion insights - hallway by hallway - according to our male Broncos.

One thing guys love about fashion is having a way to express themselves through their outfits, while staying in dress code.

“I see a lot of people rocking the shorts, and Vans, Nike socks….[for some] boys it’s usually the skinny jeans at the bottom and baggy at the top, to give them that sag look,” junior Micah Malone said. “If you see someone’s look and get an idea, go for it,” Malone continued.

When it comes to the male perspective on fashion, it is obvious that this generation takes more time and effort to dress up.

“[It] probably [takes] like 30 minutes [to dress up]. I take a shower, deodorant, cologne, shoes….you gotta look good,” freshman Elolo Tsavani said.

Fashion is more than clothes. It is also your hair, and most importantly, how you carry yourself. Fashion is also about making statements, adding your own quirky touch to any outfit to make it your own.

I always wear different socks, I never match my socks...I think it’s kinda cool,” senior Samuel Fisher said as he sports his Spongebob and Patrick socks.

Even if it is trendy, it doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. If it doesn’t look good on you - stay away from it.

“Socks and short jeans...they don’t look good [on everyone]. [In my opinion], it’s really bad and some people don’t look good with it on, ” Tsavani said.

And of course, students have their favorite places to buy their favorite fashions.

“For clothes: Zumiez. Shoes, go to Flight Club… for Nike’s: Nike.com. Some people shop at Rue 21,” Malone said.

The fashionable male Broncos really seem to put a lot of thought into what they put on, and take their time doing it. Some might even argue that they take longer than girls do.

“I waited outside his house for this guy for 15 minutes while he picked out a shirt,” junior Aria Manzoori said as he pointed to his friend, junior Harrison Ryan. “It’s a problem. And by the way, the shirt he wore was a plain. white. shirt.”

“Well, it had to be the right shirt,” Ryan said.

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