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On the Fashion Track: Zodiac Zendaya

Story by Daniella Kitawi | Reporter

Photo courtesy of Tommy Hilfiger via Fashionista

Zendaya Coleman has been in Hollywood for years; from growing up watching her play the role of Rocky in Disney Channel show Shake It Up, to being cast as MJ alongside Tom Holland in Spiderman: Homecoming.

Recently, Coleman acquired her own iconic fashion style that got her to now collaborate with Tommy Hilfiger.

“I got a personal call from Tommy himself, which was crazy, and he promised me that I would be able to be as creative as I wanted and truly execute my vision, whatever that vision may be, down to the font on the packaging, as he said,” Coleman said in an InStyle magazine interview.

Hilfiger began with Gigi Hadid in 2016, and staging shows around the world, called "TommyNow." Hilfiger gave shoppers a reason to tune in online and buy approaching clothing design much like content creation. His collaboration with Zendaya however, got more attention than he expected.

“It brought the age range of our average consumer down substantially,” Hilfiger states according to InStyle. “We didn’t realize we’d attract Generation Z and millennials to this extent.”

Students at Boyd wear some of Coleman’s clothes to school, like the very popular zodiac shirts. There are also jewelry and shoe options for purchase.

“I actually like some of the stuff, like they’re kind of versatile so I can see myself wearing them,” freshman Kiara Boykin-Cotto said.

"Inspired by the strong, iconic women of '70s American pop culture, the debut collection from Tommy Hilfiger and actress Zendaya is confident, feminine and designed to celebrate individuality," the Tommy Hilfiger website states.

With Hilfiger being a big brand, it is expected that the items would be on the pricey side.

“The stuff that’s on the website is kind of expensive, I wouldn’t get all of them but I’d want a few,” freshman Ceona Brown said.

In the fashion show, Zendaya used her platform to showcase 59 black models ranging from the age of 18-70.

“I’m a fan of Zendaya and I like how you can see her personality in the outfits,” Brown said.

Coleman wanted to add her personal touch by making most of her pieces zodiac related. One thing students at Boyd are good at is adding their own personal touch to their outfits whether it be with big silver chains or adding patches to their jackets and jeans.

“I’ve seen people in the hallway wearing like big, gray chains or like a lot of necklaces...I think Zendaya making the line her own is really why most people like it so much. And also, it’s Zendaya and people are getting obsessed with zodiac signs,” Boykin-Cotto said.

Coleman’s collaboration seems to be getting a lot of recognition and hopefully we’ll see passing students in the hallway wearing a Pisces shirt soon; courtesy of Zendaya.

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